Real Racing 3 best review

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Real Racing 3 best review

The series of Real Racing has always been a benchmark of technological universe iOS, so with the excellent first chapter appeared in 2009 as the even more excellent second piece, the preserve user Apple the following year. You will thus understand yourself why the third settlement that according to many is the driving simulation handset par excellence, was one of the most anticipated games of the holders of smartphones, pads and derivatives.

Objectively, the business card of Real Racing 3 hack mod apk is impressive: 45 vehicles under license made ​​with painstaking care, real-world tracks from around the world enviable photorealism, over 900 events, the 22 cars on the grid and a feature on all The Time Shifted Multiplayer, which we will discuss shortly. Yes, the newest member of Firemonkeys (team born from the merger of the former Iron Monkey and Firemint), has all the right credentials to reaffirm a leading role in the mobile landscape.

"The first thing to catch the eye once you start the game is the graphics engine prodigious"
The first thing to catch the eye once you start the game is the prodigious graphics engine (MINT 3), built on the excellent engine of Real Racing 2, even today one of the most rewarding titles from the visual point of view, and appropriately ferried to a new version, further stunning. The graphic layout of this third aspect is by no means the ultimate App Store Google Play, a real prodigy able to rattle off in real time, even the most insignificant details of any car.

Repairs can be done instantly by paying with play money or real, or waiting for a period of time proportional to the damage.
Multiply all for 22 fireballs present simultaneously on an asphalt truer than true and you have a rough idea of the enormous optimization work done by the guys at Firemonkeys. There is much more to talk about, from a persistent damage system based on a precise physical so as not to look bad on a console table, a lighting engine that does reflect sunlight even in the most invisible of creating numerous cars wonderful play of light. This and much more, Real Racing 3 not give up anything without compromising frame rate and smoothness even in the most hectic.

"But a good graphics is not enough by itself to make a great game"
But nice graphics is not enough by itself to make a great game, and actually Real Racing 3 does not want to limit itself to being a pretty picture at your palm. What's more, a design that seeks to completely immerse the player in a racing unvarnished throwing on the weighing something like 900 different races. Each of these events is organized in a plethora of different sections and classes divided themselves in different modes such as elimination, heads-up, autocross, pursuit, sprint or endurance. Behind every corner lies a new challenge, but the result is not always what you expect.

In many races the action will cause a protagonist, and find yourself in the heart of a Golconda motorized surrounded by 10 cars trying to simultaneously take the same hairpin is not so rare an occurrence. There will, however, occasions when the player anchored in tenth place will have to sweat a few dozen shirts before he could earn a handful of positions after a few rounds. We are facing a gameplay that seeks yes to wink at realism, but the showdown proves more predictable and less hectic than usual. More you venture in racing, the more you realize how the real challenge does not play on that damn blind curve that by the final straight, but rather inside our box.

More than 900 races, divided into championships, modes and distinct classes. Real Racing 3, from this point of view, does not fear any comparison.
Real Racing 3 suffers from a partial balance and somewhat incorrect, that stands as discriminating for victory not so much the ability of the pilot, as the upgrades installed on the car. Which is normal for any racing game, me less so if the stock in question is a freemium that gives the feeling the first few minutes of wanting to plunder our portfolio.

"Real Racing 3 sets as discriminating for victory not so much the ability of the pilot, as the upgrades installed"
Sorry to admit it, but you see a mile away that the whole game was born and raised on the concept of payments with game coins and IAP (In App Purchases). Indeed, it does nothing to hide and it is a Real Racing will have to do with cars that degrade in a race and the other, with the resulting visits to the garage, maintenance and repairs. Not only that, the damage incurred during a race will not magically disappear the next event, and are likely to slow down the fireball if not promptly adjusted. Touches then invest the money earned playing hard to the sound of podiums, but we realize how quickly, between a transmission or a broken brake, the nest egg by seems never enough. And at this point, unfortunately, the solutions are only two.

Either you pay real money or waiting patiently for the mechanic to finish their work. In both cases, the end result is frustration of the player, who will be forced to throw money on money (considering the amount of damage, changes and repairs to be made after only a handful of races) or will have to put his soul in peace and wait (and mind you, we're talking about hours) before you can get out on the track again.

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